Philippians 2:4

Our Mission

Mechanics of FAITH is a ministry that believes in keeping families safe by offering automotive repair service to those in need. No one should be left without a vehicle to get them to and from their job, doctors' appointments or other needs because of a costly repair bill

Serving Hanover County & Surrounding Areas

Hours of Operation: Appointments Only

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Service We offer

Current Schedule

On the First Saturday of each Month Mechanics of FAITH schedule repairs.

Time: 9am - 3pm

Location: Mobile or Pop-up Shop Location


Brake Service

Oil Change

Tire Rotation

Serpentine Belt Replacement

Battery Replacement

Diagnostic Test

Light Bulb Replacement

Air Filter / Cabin Filter Replacement

Window Wiper Replacement

Donated Services to Date

Blessings - 25

Volunteer Hours - 750


Blessing: We offering a blessing program where those in need can apply for their repairs needs and we will purchase both parts and do the labor at no charge.

Veterans: We offering a veterans program, which put vets who have served this great nation into a vehicle to get to and from work or doctors appointment. We have given 7 vehicles today through this program

Service: You bring us the parts and we will do the repair at no charge. We believe that sometimes folks just need a little support and can afford to purchase the brakes, or battery they need but just need a little help with the labor. 

Apply for help today

All application should be mail to:

Mechanics of FAITH

P.O Box 101

Mechanicsville Va 2311


Emailed to:


Mechanics of FAITH 


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