Mechanics of FAITH offer a program where those in need of assistance can apply for a "Blessing" once Mechanics of FAITH received the application the client vehicle will be reviewed for repairs that are needed and Mechanics of FAITH will purchase the parts and install all required parts. We believe that no one in the community should miss work, time with family or not have the ability to put food on their table because of a costly automotive repair. 

Below are true stories of customer that were made possible by your Donation. 

Customer 1:

       Mechanics of FAITH received a call from a customer who was in need of auto repairs but had recently lost their employment, upon inspection of the vehicle they determined that the vehicle needed a new water pump and sensor in the vehicle. The customer was currently walking a few miles each day to get to the store and was unable to work at her temp job she had recently received. Mechanics of FAITH jump into action and was able to repair their vehicle so that they were able to use their vehicle for work and to get to and from the store. 

Customer 2:

       We received a call from a customer who used their car to get back forth to Medical appointments and to and from the grocery store. Their vehicle currently needed rear shocks to keep the car from bouncing which was so bad it was undrivable due to customer medical conditions. Upon inspection the vehicle Mechanics of FAITH notice 1 other item that needed to be repaired to make the vehicle safe for the customer. After completing the job the customer was able to drive to and from the store without concerns of the vehicle causing a reaction to her due to the bounciness of the vehicle.

Customer 3:

         The customer received a failed inspection, while currently living on assistance and having medical appointment need the vehicle was undrivable making it impossible for the customer to make their doctors appointments. Mechanics of FAITH was able to repair their vehicle which passed inspection the following day and they now driving their only vehicle to and from their medical appointment without worry. 

Customer 4:

         A customer had just spent a large amount on their vehicle to get repairs done prior to learning of Mechanics of FAITH. Once learning of Mechanics of FAITH the customer reached in need of one last repair to get their vehicle completed. Mechanics of FAITH was able to get this one repair completed and now the customer has a safe vehicle that they can take to and from work without concerns of the vehicle breaking down.